Have you got a brand new aquarium? Are you looking to decorate it? It might be a good idea to include some greenery and allow some colour to pop and make it look like the natural habitat of the fish. This article has compiled a list of easy background aquarium plants.

Rotala rotundifolia

There has been a huge following of Rotala rotundifolia stem plants among aquarium hobbyists for years, and for good reason. Under low or medium light conditions it appears as a pale green and orange mix but turns into a spectacular reddish-pink tint if given a high level of light.

Amazon sword

The Amazon sword plant is a classic for large aquariums. In addition to growing very tall, they produce runners that quickly form dense ‘forests’. They do not demand much or require extra carbon dioxide and thrive even under low to medium lighting. Fertilizers are not too necessary either.


Many of the species in the Vallisneria genus are relatively easy to grow. Vallisneria is always available for your aquarium, so you can always add to it. The varieties of Vallisneria do not need much extra care, though acidic or soft water should be avoided. The use of high lighting and Co2 injection is not required, but will definitely benefit the plants. Plants in proper health form dense forests and produce runners that can cover an entire tank. It is not difficult to remove these and replant them elsewhere if things get a bit overcrowded.


Cabomba is a stunning stem plant that is appreciated for its fluffy appearance and for being suited to cold water. Although it is not the easiest plant to grow, light is the key to its success as with most stem plants. When given the right amount of wattage, Cabomba grows very quickly under high light conditions. Aquascapes usually look best as background plants, though they can be grown free-floating.

Ultimately, choosing an easy background aquarium plants depends on your ability to take care of it. It is best to think it through and choose a plant wisely.