film production singapore

After all the production things are done, film production can be a pretty cumbersome and hectic process; looking at the result is very rewarding and satisfying. The production procedure allows your dream and hard work to come to life. But, doing a film production singapore all by yourself can be a difficult task. Here is the list of equipment that you will need during the production phase.

List of equipment required for film production

  • A camera is the essential piece of equipment required for film production. The type of camera you use depends on the kind of movie you want to shoot and the places where you want your film to be released. The camera quality can be adjusted as long as you have excellent audio.
  • A tripod is another essential equipment needed for a steady filming process.
  • Good lighting is the key to sound film production. Bad lighting can ruin even the film shot on the world’s best camera.
  • A good microphone such as a shotgun mic is crucial for good audio quality. Good audio can compensate for a little low-quality camera, but the reverse is not valid.
  • Good quality wireless microphones are also crucial for many scenes and movies such as documentaries. Unless you have a person to hold a boom mic over the conversation constantly, wireless microphones provide a lot of movement flexibility.

These are some of the essential equipment required for a film production setup.