emf and pregnancy

We are all exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF) daily. Cellphones are a major source of EMF exposure. Did you know that there are ways to protect yourself from the harmful effects of cellphone radiation?

Why it is risky for pregnant women?

A new study has discovered that exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) poses a risk to pregnant women and their unborn babies. EMFs are the energy waves emitted by wireless devices, computers, power lines etc. These waves can easily penetrate through your body and reach your developing baby. The study found that emf and pregnancy may be linked to an increased risk of autism spectrum disorder in children born after these exposures occurred.

The dangers of EMF’s have been controversial for many years but this study is one of the first research findings linking them with autism spectrum disorders specifically. It is important for all pregnant women to take precautions against EMF exposure as they could potentially affect your baby’s brain development.

emf and pregnancy

What does this has to do with pregnant women?

That’s up for debate,some say stay away from these sources of EMR at all costs; others say they’re safe as long as you don’t stand right next to them. Many people are unaware that the Earth’s magnetic field has a strong affect on human health. For pregnant women, this can be especially problematic. A recent study shows that EMF radiation from power lines, cell phones and other technology may have an adverse effect on their unborn child. Luckily, there are precautions pregnant mothers can take to protect themselves including minimizing use of electronic devices outside of the home or office and taking long walks in nature for grounding purposes.