When choosing this accessory, stylists recommend considering the following parameters:

Price: Cheap things cause thoughts of poverty and cannot contribute to the enrichment of the owners, so you can’t save;

Material: it is better to give preference to models made from natural materials.They have excellent characteristics and represent safety. A unique personalised gifts singapore made of high-quality artificial leather is allowed, but synthetic products should be discarded;

Design: women of few age prefer strict models with laconic decor. Young girls like spectacular elements with bright elements. Men welcome laconic design without unnecessary decoration, classic shades and small sizes so that the wallet can fit in the back pocket of trousers;

Color: according to Feng Shui, shades of brown, black, gold and silver are most suitable. Red – symbolizes wealth. Blue is associated with the element of water. It causes a drain on finances, so blue models should be avoided.

Size and shape: It is believed that money loves space. Therefore, it is desirable to give preference to rectangular models in which bills can be placed without folding. There should be several different compartments for banknotes and plastic cards. This is practical and correct from the point of view of banknotes, because all the attributes of wealth should lie separately from each other.

The gift should be beautifully packaged, but not in cellophane. According to superstition, it impedes the flow of financial flows.But the main packaging is sincere and good intentions, the desire to make a nice gift from the heart. Then you can give any wallet – no signs can affect its energy.